Fresh Thoughts: Organizing A Blueberry Rally In Washington, D.C.


Fresh Thoughts: Organizing A Blueberry Rally In Washington, D.C.

Planning for our USHBC and NABC Spring Meetings is well underway. In fact, the theme for our days in Washington, D.C., is looking more and more like a blueberry rally.

How so?

Between our reports on new marketing and promotion initiatives to drive volume of processed and fresh blueberries, and answering the call from industry stakeholders for NABC to lead the way on addressing the big issues of the day, our Spring Meetings will provide a great platform for the industry to come together.

As many of you know, the NABC and USHBC meeting dates and locations are set two years out, therefore leadership couldn’t have known that our upcoming meetings in Washington, D.C., would take place at such an important and pivotal time for the blueberry industry. March will give us a time when we can gather together to discuss the state of the industry and how to best tackle the future. 

We’re not only planning for our time together, but preparing to put our farms in the best position to take action. So please stay tuned as we rework our traditional meeting schedule to take full advantage of rallying our farms for our Spring Meetings. 

Of course, I welcome more letters, emails and phone calls offering your thoughts, feelings and suggestions, and I’m grateful for all of the communications I’ve received so far. They are very helpful and informative. 

As we roll into the holiday season, I want to start this week by wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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P.S. Here’s a USHBC link to some Thanksgivingthemed blueberry recipes you can share with your friends and customers, or in an email blast this week.

REMINDER: ‘Tis the season for family photos (we just took ours), please send me a family photo to add to our growing “families we represent” collection.