NABC Awards


NABC Awards spotlight exceptional individuals whose efforts in horticultural research or marketing and promotion have benefited the blueberry industry as a whole.

Each year, the North American Blueberry Council (NABC) honors recipients at its fall event. 

NABC members in good standing can submit nominations for these prestigious awards. Nominations will be reviewed and scored by the NABC Nominations and Awards Committee. The individual receiving the highest score for each of the awards will be honored at a dinner event and presented with a trophy recognizing the honor. 

Nominations for 2022 are due August 12.

Duke Galletta Award

The Duke Galletta Award recognizes excellence in blueberry horticultural research. 

The award is named in honor of Duke Galletta of Atlantic Blueberry, an inaugural member of the NABC. Galletta was very involved in blueberry varietal development and worked with USDA plant breeders, allowing them to set up test plots on Atlantic Blueberry land. Galletta had such an influence on the blueberry industry that the “Duke” variety is named after him. 

Nominees for the Duke Galletta Award:

  • Have demonstrated leadership in research within the blueberry industry.
  • Have contributed to the blueberry industry development.

To submit a nomination, complete the form below by August 12. Winners will be announced at the NABC’s fall event in Nashville.

Alex Wetherbee Award

The Alex Wetherbee Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the blueberry industry in marketing and promotion. 

Alex Wetherbee was one of the NABC’s founders and a blueberry marketer from New Jersey who was respected industry wide for his passion in promoting blueberries. Wetherbee was known for regularly saying “yes” to opportunities to promote the blueberry industry, and donated significant time to the NABC Promotion Committee. The award was previously known as the Calyx Award. 

Nominees for the Alex Wetherbee Award:

  • Have contributed to the awareness and market success of blueberries. 
  • Have demonstrated leadership and innovation in efforts to promote the blueberry industry.

To submit a nomination, complete the form below by August 12. Winners will be announced at Blueberry Summit in Nashville this fall.

Past Winners

Past Duke Galletta Award Winners:

2021 Bernadine Strik, Ph.D., Judy Macias 

2020 Rufus Isaacs, James Hancock, Chad Finn (posthumously) 

2016 Frederick V. Coville (posthumously) 

2015 James R. Ballington, Ph.D. 

2013 Paul Lyrene, Ph.D. 

2011 Carlos Garcia 

2009 Amy Howell, Dave Brazelton 

2008 Mark Sweeney 

2007 Norman Childers, Ph.D. 

2005 Mike Mainland, Ph.D. 

2001 Arlen Draper, Ph.D.

Past Alex Wetherbee Award Winners

2021 Lorrie Merker, Tom Bodtke

2020 Brian Bocock, Ted Eagin 

2017 Bob Carini 

2016 Elizabeth White (posthumously) 

2015 Neil Moore, Terry Bowles 

2013 Dave Arena, Norm Hartman 

2012 Butch Greiffendorf 

2011 Roy Malensky, Keith Schneller 

2009 George Fritz 

2007 Mike Makara, Bill Whaley 

2006 Kirk McCreary, Oscar Austring, Ruth Lowenberg, Tom Payne 

2005 Donnie Morris, Rod Cook, Harry Moore 

2003 Joe DeGrandchamp 

2001 McDonald’s Corp., Mark Hurst, Mark Villata 

2000 Ronald Prior, James Joseph

1999 Denny Doyle 

1997 Seaborn Bell 

1996 Gus Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Jim Alcock, BEI Incorporated 

1995 John W. Nelson, Robert Carpp 

1994 Pete Holbein, Parm Bains 

1992 George Wood, Smucker’s, Sara Lee 

1991 Betty Crocker, Alex Wetherbee, Mike Mainland 

1990 Doc Decker, Gordon Kinsman, Ruth Lungren, Myrt Ruch