Fresh Thoughts: Identifying What Matters Most


Fresh Thoughts: Identifying What Matters Most

What’s the single biggest opportunity NABC has in the next two years to make a positive impact on the industry?

Identify one benefit, service or initiative NABC provides that you believe is essential to the industry.

What should NABC start doing, or do more of, that would increase the value of your membership?

These are just some of the questions we’re asking our members in a survey that’s being conducted as part of a strategic planning meeting that will be held in March. 

Strategic planning will help us identify what matters most. It will guide us in creating a bright future for the blueberry industry and it will provide measurable goals.

From what I’m told, this planning process will be a first for NABC. So surveying the membership, interviewing stakeholders and asking how we can better serve the industry is a very timely discussion for the organization and the leadership of NABC. 

If you’ve received the survey and responded, thank you. If you haven’t completed the survey, please consider taking a moment to help us capture your thoughts, feelings and suggestions.

NABC Chair Tom Bodtke and I at the NABC/USHBC Fall Meetings in Tri-Cities, Washington.

Led by NABC Chair Tom Bodtke, the NABC Executive Committee and a working group of industry leaders are volunteering their time to participate in a full day to develop a framework of priorities. The discussion will be facilitated by Jim DeLizia of Delizia Consulting Services.

I’m looking forward to this time together, digging in, discussing the state of the industry, calling out the challenges, flagging opportunities and distilling it all down to what matters most right now.

This process will provide clarity and focus for the NABC and the important role it serves on behalf of our growers and the industry.

So please consider taking a moment to complete the survey; it will be a big help in this process. If you didn’t receive the survey, just hit reply to let me know and I’ll have it sent to you directly.

Of course, if you know one of the members of the working group, feel free to share your thoughts with them directly. Be sure to thank them for volunteering to serve in this important process. 

If you haven’t registered for our Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C. don’t wait another day! 

As you may have seen, we just announced that, in addition to Ambassador Gregg Doud, we have an incredible line up of trade experts for a panel discussion on globalization and trade that will immediately follow the ambassador’s keynote. You don’t want to miss this discussion.

I also want to thank our sponsors that are really the reason we’re able to bring this all together. As I shared in last week’s Fresh Thoughts, this is the role NABC is positioned to serve in the industry. We have over 110 people registered for our first two days. 

That’s over two bus loads of blueberry industry representatives who will descend on Capitol Hill to meet with their lawmakers on Wednesday.

These added event costs and logistics wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, so you’ll hear me thanking them again and again for helping us make this opportunity a reality for our industry. If you’d like to help us wave the blueberry flag in Washington, consider becoming a sponsor. It does make a difference.

My Best,